Storage, Insurance & Security

Vinothèque - A leading bonded warehouse with ideal storage conditions for fine wine.


The warehouse is a Grade 2 listed 19th century building originally intended for storing malted grain, protected from light and swings in temperature. It has meter-thick walls which provide reliable insulation and maintain optimal humidity, and a constant, cool temperature.

✅ Temperature and humidity control

✅ 24/7 security patrols and CCTV cameras which monitor both the interior and exterior of the building

✅ Dedicated building with perimeter fence and guard

✅ Checks for all staff and visitors, who are not allowed unaccompanied into the warehouse.


The warehouse is a standalone building with a secure perimeter fence. It is monitored by a digital CCTV system that is administered by a specialist company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The warehouse is also protected with the intruder and fire detection alarms.


All wines are fully insured while in storage at Vinothèque.

  • Where is Vinothèque?

    Vinothèque is located in Burton upon Trent in Staffordshire.

  • Can I visit my wine?

    We can arrange appointments to visit on request, and require two weeks’ notice to do so. During some busy periods, visits may not be possible

  • What is a bonded warehouse?

    A warehouse which enables goods to be stored free from UK duty and VAT. Those taxes need to be paid, and recorded as such with the HMRC, before the wines can move from “in bond” status to “duty paid” status and be delivered.

  • What are the benefits of storing in bond?

    Customers who plan to sell their wines are advised to buy in bond wherever possible. Foreign wine markets are not liable to pay UK duty and VAT, making wines sold from the UK desirable. It’s also a way to help assure a wine’s provenance. And, for customers who plan to drink their wines, storing in bond is a method of deferring some of the costs.