The perfect storage conditions for fine wine require stable, low temperatures, relatively high humidity and as little light as possible. They’re seldom achieved at home, save for those who invest in wine coolers such as a Eurocave, or who convert an entire room to the optimal conditions. Cellaring in a top-notch facility is an excellent option for storing wines safely and as cost effectively as possible.

We store our customers’ wines in a state-of-the-art complex in Eton Park . Our storage service has been designed to ensure that every bottle and case is impeccably cellared, regardless of whether you intend to drink or sell it.

Temperature and humidity are at the core of securing the long life of great wines. Our warehouse is a listed building historically used to store grain for the Bass Ale brewery, and its metre-thick solid brick walls are a fantastic 19th century form of temperature and humidity control.

However, we’ve gone several steps further to ensure wines are suitably stored, with the most advanced climate control equipment available. The warehouse has a bespoke air handling, humidification and insulation system, meaning that the environment can be maintained at a constant temperature of 13˚ (+/- just 1˚C). The system takes into account the number of cases in storage, stock turnover and the rate at which various packaging materials lose heat. Nothing is overlooked, and the premises are guarded by man and camera around the clock.

With a photography facility set up inside the warehouse, we can provide condition reports on request, including of photographs of the numbered bottles within a case, so all items can be checked when required.

And we’ll provide you with all the details you need to know about your wine, from individual case labels, recommended windows for drinking, market valuations and tasting notes.

It’s an unbeatable facility, housing world-class wines in the best conditions possible.

Our promise to you.

You’ll be able to

  • Securely manage your reserves using a private account on our website
  • Comfortably store your wines in optimal conditions
  • Easily transfer and store wines you have purchased from other merchants
  • Safely access your wines, whether you’d like to visit the warehouse or have them shipped to you

And we offer

  • Insurance at full replacement cost
  • Reduced storage rates if you choose to pay by direct debit, or if you are a Cellar Circle member