Condition reports

Sample Condition Report

They are produced on site, where professionally-trained team members regularly handle high value wines and are equipped to re-seal wooden cases.

In some instances we require a condition report before a wine may be listed for sale through our broking service.


  • Should I have a condition report when selling my wine?

    We recommend it. A condition report ensures the potential buyer can see the true physical condition of the wine.

    For example, a condition report can show the physical condition of the labels and capsules, and that the evaporation rate is consistent with the vintage and bottling processes at the time of bottling. Many customers request one before purchase, especially for older or higher value wines.

  • Does opening the case devalue the case?

    Our professional team has the tools and training to take every precaution in opening cases as well as resealing them, and take every care to ensure there is no impact on the value of the case or the wines.

  • How much does a condition report cost?

    The charge to do so is £12 per case.

  • When will the condition report be ready?

    We will upload the condition report to your account within seven working days. In the event one is required urgently, please let us know and we will work with the warehouse to produce it sooner.