Cellarage rates

Competitive & secure

Whether you’d like to store a few special bottles or a few hundred, we’ll ensure they’re securely stored in optimal conditions, at competitive rates.

What we offer

✔ Wines are fully insured
✔ Easy online management of your cellar
✔ Ability to request condition reports
✔ Flexibility to store wines you’ve purchased elsewhere
✔ Automated payment via Direct Debit or a saved card

What it costs

Best rate, for Cellar Circle members £10.92 per case per year
Direct Debit rate £13.05 per case per year
Standard rate £17.00 per case per year

These charges are inclusive of UK VAT at 20%
A minimum charge applies for accounts with up to 12 x 75cl bottles or the equivalent by volume, at the appropriate rate above. 

When will I be billed?

You will be billed once a quarter for the wines stored in the preceding three months. We calculate the amount on a monthly basis. When new wines arrive, cellarage charges are added from that month. When you remove wines, the storage charges will cease from that month.

How are the rates calculated?

Rates are calculated per case per month, dividing the annual rate by twelve months. One case is the equivalent of 9 litres, or twelve 750ml bottles. Any wines not stored by the case will be charged by the appropriate pro-rata amount. For accounts with the equivalent of 9 litres or fewer, the case rate will not be pro-rated: for example, for an account in which 3 x 750ml bottles are stored by a Cellar Circle member, the quarterly invoice will be the rate for a case of 12 x 750ml bottles. These rates are reviewed annually.

What does insurance cover?

All wines stored at our warehouse are fully insured. This policy includes coverage against fire, theft, flood and accidental damage, and values are based on a replacement cost at today’s market prices.