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Alfio Mozzi
2019 Grisone, Alfio Mozzi, Valtellina Superiore, Lombardy Red | Still | 14%

A charming, elegant wine from a brilliant producer in Valtellina, this is a wonderful wine. There are notes of wild thyme and plenty of strawberry fruit, and a long, defined finish. A charming bottling.

Ready: 2023 - 2034
2018 Sforzato di Valtellina, Alfio Mozzi, Lombardy Red | Still | 16.5%

A curiosity of this corner of Northern Italy, this is the best Sforzato we’ve tried. It’s made like Amarone in Valpolicella: here, Nebbiolo grapes are dried on mats before being fermented dry, bringing an intensity and power, with notes of dried cranberries, and dried herbs. This is so perfectly balanced: it’s a really fascinating wine.

Ready: 2023 - 2038
Azienda Agricola Lalù
2020 Langhe Nebbiolo, Azienda Agricola Lalù, Piedmont Dry | Red | Still | 14%

There’s a lot of excitement about Lara and Luisa, and tasting this, we can see why. There’s a purity and fragrance to this that would not look out of place at the greatest estate. Fine-boned tannins, and then a remarkable sense of energy on the finish. A real charmer.

Ready: 2022 - 2030
Bruno Giacosa
2020 Barbera d'Alba, Bruno Giacosa, Piedmont Red | Still | 15%

A really charming expression of Barbera, this shows black fruits and then spice, and there’s just a hint of dried herbs, too. The tannins are fine, and there’s a juiciness here, too. Very nice indeed.

Ready: 2023 - 2028
2018 Barolo, Bruno Giacosa Dry | Red | Still | 14.5%

Mineral, fine, and remarkably complex, this 2018 is a really lovely wine. The palate has cherry fruit with some rose petals, and then lifted notes of seville oranges, and just a hint of spice. There’s a quinine-like minerality that comes through on the finish, making the finish of the wine very long, and making you reach for another glass.

Ready: 2024 - 2039
2021 Dolcetto d'Alba, Bruno Giacosa, Piedmont Dry | Red | Still | 14.5%

As with all of the wines at Giacosa, this is a lovely expression of the grape variety. Lots of cherry yoghurt here, with plenty of spice, too. Serve slightly chilled for a delicious red for summer.

Ready: 2023 - 2027
2021 Roero Arneis, Bruno Giacosa, Piedmont White | Still | 14%

Bruno Giacosa put lots of emphasis on his Roero Arneis, and this is one of the best examples as a result. There’s lovely drive, with pithy pears, and a slightly savoury, floral character, too.

Ready: 2022 - 2025
2018 Barbaresco, Bruno Giacosa, Piedmont Dry | Red | Still | 14.5%

Silky, supple, and charming, the 2018 Barbaresco from Giacosa is a wonderful example of what makes Barbaresco so alluring. Rose petals and some citrus fruit, too, and there’s also a real energy on the palate. This is very fine-boned, and there’s an almost Pinot-Noir like clarity to the finish.

Ready: 2024 - 2039
2019 Barbaresco Asili, Bruno Giacosa, Piedmont Dry | Red | Still | 14.5%

Asili is a great vineyard in Barbaresco, and 2019 is a brilliant vintage. The result is a wine that dazzles with its intensity and finesse, and also with its nobility. The tannins are grippy but fine-boned, and the fruit is perfectly ripe. This lasts an age.

Ready: 2024 - 2039
Cantina Rizzi
2019 Barbaresco Rizzi, Cantina Rizzi Dry | Red | Still | 14.5%

Bottled in July 2020. Beautiful pale colour. Lovely nose, with impressive depth and purity. This has powdery tannins, slightly dark fruit, with excellent tannic structure and purity. Very finely judged, and lots of energy here. Really lovely, classically styled, and so delicious already. With a year or two in the bottle it will be even better.

Ready: 2024 - 2039
2019 Barbaresco Nervo, Cantina Rizzi Dry | Red | Still | 14.5%

4ha in the higher part of the cru. More floral, with a lovely fruit character. More sandy soil, south facing, and first to ripen. There’s almost an amphitheatre here that creates a microclimate. The fruit is slightly darker. It’s almost opulent on the nose, but there’s such energy and vibrancy on the palate. This feels like a step up, with lovely salinity and depth.

Ready: 2024 - 2040
2019 Barbaresco Pajoré, Cantina Rizzi Dry | Red | Still | 14.5%

Much more backward in style, quite dark but also slightly reduced. Quite balsamic on the nose, with lots of darker fruit. There’s a sweetness and softness here. Nice tannins here, and this is very saline, too. Lovely depth and purity. Very well balanced.

Young: 2025 - 2042
Cantina del Pino
2018 Barbaresco Albesani, Cantina del Pino, Piedmont Dry | Red | Still

Really beautiful perfume. Quite savoury, with a nice hint of reduction. There’s plenty of purity here, with grippy tannins and fine thread of acidity. Lots of dark berries, and there’s a suaveness, or coolness across the palate. A touch austere, but with impressive depth, too.

2018 Barbaresco Ovello, Cantina del Pino, Piedmont Dry | Red | Still

Slightly darker in character. More deep fruit here, and then a balsamic note, too. Very different from the Albesani. A wildness here, a hedgerow character, with lots of tannins that build. The fruit character is almost Pinot Noir in character, it’s so elegant. The structure builds on the palate, and it’s incredibly fine on the long finish. Saline and long. Outstanding.

Cascina Cerutti
2020 Suri Sandrinet, Moscato d'Asti Canelli, Cascina Cerutti Sweet | White | Frizzante | 5%

Is there a more delicious wine than this? Low in alcohol, high in residual sugar, but still with incredible palate, when you try this, you’ll be hooked. Notes of wild flowers, honey, and so much pure peach and grape juice. There’s a long and mineral finish, which keeps it all clean. Remarkable: and it ages brilliantly, too.

Ready: 2022 - 2028
2017 Enrico Alta Langa, Cascina Cerutti Dry | White | Sparkling | 12.5%

Just 4,000 bottles are made of this delicious, vibrant, mouthwatering fizz from Gianmario. Notes of orange blossom and citrus peel on the nose, on the palate there's a hint of peaches, too. The palate has verve and vibrancy, and so much precision on the finish, too. This is brilliantly balanced, and oh-so-delicious. Make sure you grab a case or two.

Ready: 2022 - 2028
Castello di Neive
2019 Barbaresco, Castello di Neive Dry | Red | Still | 14.5%

From Albesani, San Cristofono, Messoirano, Gallina. Very soft and silky, nice depth and purity here, and good perfume. It’s very nicely lifted and simple, but nice cool Neive style. Excellent length, from a great vintage.

Ready: 2023 - 2038
2019 Dolcetto d'Alba Vigna Basarin, Castello di Neive Dry | Red | Still | 14%

From a historic vineyard for Dolcetto, but now lots of people have made it as a Barbaresco. Very pure and fine, juicy, lovely soft fruit: Italo’s father bought it in 1930, and he would go and pick grapes to eat. South, steep, windy, ideal for Dolcetto. Very pure this, lovely energy and good tannins. This is excellent.

Ready: 2022 - 2027
2019 Barbaresco Gallina, Castello di Neive Dry | Red | Still | 13%

Really nice fruit, almost citrus and red berries. Good concentration, nice hint of reduction, and there’s lots of tannic structure here. This is very finely judged and good length, Slightly herbal in character, quite mineral on the finish.

Young: 2025 - 2039
2016 Santo Stefano Barbaresco Riserva, Castello di Neive Dry | Red | Still | 15%

Selection of grapes, of barrels - quantity can change from year to year. Quite balsamic in character, really nice energy, this have coiled energy on the palate. Very nice texture, this is quite backward, but with time it will be outstanding. From a truly great vintage, don’t miss this.

Ready: 2024 - 2042
Castello di Verduno
2018 Barbaresco Rabajà, Castello di Verduno, Piedmont Dry | Red | Still | 14%

The straight Rabaja is fermented in barrel, Rabaja Bas in stainless steel. Very pure and fine, this opens up in the glass. Very saline on the palate, and lots of texture and intensity. More powerful than Rabaja Bas, with lovely weight and energy here. Very good length, really mineral on the finish.

Ready: 2023 - 2033
2017 Barolo Massara, Castello di Verduno, Piedmont Dry | Red | Still | 14%

Quite deep and intense on the nose, with wonderful purity, too. This is very spicy, and there’s a floral element, too, with lovely texture. Powdery tannins, and intense, dark fruit. Sight negroni bitterness on the finish, but there’s a lot of saline length here. Has maintained freshness despite the vintage. The vines had enough water. Vines from the 1970s.

Ready: 2023 - 2035
2018 Barolo, Castello di Verduno, Piedmont Dry | Red | Still | 14%

All vineyards in Verduno. Boscatto - next to La Morra, more clay. Campasso, near Monvigliero, and Rodasca, and some from Monvigliero. Lovely delicate colour. Very floral and silky, lovely texture here. Needs some coaxing, but there’s a very pure strawberry fruit character, plenty of tension and nice length. This is very elegant: very Verduno in style.

Ready: 2024 - 2033
2021 Basadone Pelaverga, Castello di Verduno, Piedmont Dry | Red | Still | 14%

A historical grape variety of Piedmont, a few producers are bringing back the indigenous grape variety, Pelaverga. This is peppery, fresh, and delicious: serve slightly chilled to see the best of it.

Ready: 2022 - 2027