Bordeaux from our cellars

There’s always something new and exciting to discover in the fine wine world but as much as we love to broaden our horizons, time and time again we often find ourselves coming back to Bordeaux.

Maybe it’s the fact that these are producers who have built up a reputation for consistency over decades, or even centuries. Maybe it’s the food friendly nature of the wines: at their best, not overblown, but rather perfectly balanced. Or perhaps it’s their ageworthiness: whatever it is, there’s something reassuring about Bordeaux.

This year, as a result of global circumstances, the En Primeur release of the 2019s is up in the air: we don’t yet know when this will happen. We’ve put together some of our favourite clarets from our stock: all available for delivery now, and all delicious.

There’s always comfort to be found in Bordeaux.