2019 Chenin Blanc, Botanica Wines, Ginny Povall

Here, on the Oudam farm, vines planted in 1961 on deep, sandy soils craft a brilliant white, that would go toe-to-toe with any wine being produced in South Africa today. But here the drought is taking its toll. The 3 hectare vineyard would, ten years ago, produce 8-10tons a vintage. Now it will produce a maximum of 5 tons, and has dropped as low as 1.7tons in the driest years. And that means there’s not very much to go around. What there is, is spectacular. Not to be missed in 2019.

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  • Region & country
    South Africa
  • Maturity
    Ready 2021 - 2030
  • Colour
  • Sweetness
  • Style
  • Unit Volume
    Bottle (75cl.)
  • ABV
2019 Chenin Blanc, Botanica Wines, Ginny Povall
Ginny Povall

A Boston native who then lived in New York for many years, Ginny Povall took the plunge and moved to Stellenbosch in 2009. She bought a flower farm, with 21 hectares of flowers, and started planting vines that year, as well as sourcing grapes from across the Cape. Her wines are some of the most crystalline, joyful bottles we try from any region, anywhere. They also have arguably the most beautiful labels. They’re from the works of Mary Delany, botanical collages from the late 1700s made with hundreds of pieces of cut paper.

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