2017 Rocking Horse Cape White, Thorne & Daughters, Western Cape

Finessed, saline and very textured, the 2017 Rocking Horse is the best we've tasted. There's so much complexity, and a finish that lasts for minutes: this is a simply remarkable wine - a wine you'd be remiss not to add to your cellar.

Case, 6 Bottles
From a client
1 available


  • Region & country
    South Africa
  • Grape
    25% Roussanne
    22% Semillon
    19% Chardonnay
    18% Grenache Blanc
    16% Chenin Blanc
  • Maturity
    Ready 2021 - 2028
  • Colour
  • Sweetness
  • Style
  • Unit Volume
    Bottle (75cl.)
  • ABV
2017 Rocking Horse Cape White, Thorne & Daughters, Western Cape
Thorne & Daughters

John Seccombe founded Thorne & Daughters with his wife Tasha in 2012. They returned to South Africa after John trained as a winemaker at Surrey’s Plumpton College. During his time in England he paid the bills by working as a driver for Majestic Wine, where he was managed by none other than our own Will Hepworth! John once shared a winery with Chris Alheit and Peter-Allan Finlayson of Crystallum, and his reputation as the nicest man in the South African wine trade has granted him an impeccable network of contacts for sourcing grapes.

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