2015 Cornas, Les Vieilles Fontaines, Alain Voge

Just 3,500 bottles are produced from the 70-80 year old vines owned by the domaine. Weighty and pure, the team balance structure with juicy fruit, and amazing complexity of spice and iron oxide. A triumph.

Due to tiny quantities and high demand this wine is limited to 12 bottles per customer.

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  • Region & country
    Cornas, Northern Rhône, Rhône, France
  • Maturity
    Young 2022 - 2040
  • Colour
  • Sweetness
  • Style
  • Unit Volume
    Bottle (75cl.)
2015 Cornas, Les Vieilles Fontaines, Alain Voge
Alain Voge

Domaine Alain Voge helped to re-establish the appellations of Cornas and Saint Péray on the international wine scene. Alain took over the domaine with his mother in 1965, at age 26, when his father died unexpectedly. He’s risen to the forefront with his wines from less prestigious places, now receiving more of the recognition they deserve. With 7 hectares of 70 individual plots filled with 60 year old vines impressive wines emerge under winemaker Albéric Mazoyer, formerly of Maison Chapoutier.

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