El Enemigo

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In the foothills of the Andes Mountains, El Enemigo – the enemy – beckons. The name of this Argentinian winery serves as a reminder that the only battle we’ll remember in the end, is the one we wage against ourselves. Unsurprisingly, this labour of love is owned by admirers of philosophy and history. Adrianna Catena is an academic and the daughter of the owner of Bodega Catena Zapata. Co-owner Alejandro Vigil is an agricultural engineer and the chief winemaker at Bodega Catena Zapata. Experts then, in high altitude, cool climate viticulture, El Enemigo specialise in crafting plush, grippy and intense Cabernet Francs which pay homage to the old school Pomerol-style the owners are so fond of. El Enemigo also craft a selection of balanced single vineyard bonarda curvées, Chardonnays and Bordeaux blends.