Unlike wines that have organic or biodynamic accreditation, those labelled ‘natural’ have no governing body and so again, consumers have to take it on trust that producers have followed the ‘natural’ way which is similar to organics but with the emphasis on no or minimal intervention in the cellar; so forget the addition of yeasts, sugars and acidity.

The aim to work without additives in the in the winery is what natural winemakers say separates them from organic and biodynamic producers, whose emphasis some will claim is much more on the vineyard than in the cellar. 

Natural wine producers argue that this is what allows the wine to tell a full and unadulterated tale of the vineyard and the unique vintage. It is ‘flying by the seat of your pants’ winemaking and there’s a degree of cynicism amongst wine critics but as with all things you need to try these wines, familiarise yourself with where the talent lies and make a decision for yourself.