2009 Almaviva, Rothschild/Concha y Toro, Puente Alto

Created in 1996 as a partnership between Baron Philippe de Rothschild and Concha Y Toro, the aim was to create a wine that could rival some of the greats of Bordeaux. The vines are planted on some of Concha y Toro’s best sites in Puente Alto, which has long been considered to be Chile’s best site for Cabernet Sauvignon, due to its stony soil, warm summers and cool evenings. The resulting wine undoubtedly has a New World nature to its fruit profile, but this is balanced by a classically Bordelais structure that gives it drive, class and an ability to age. This is a wine that effortlessly shows its pedigree.
This is one of the finest wines in Chile. With notes of violets, cassis and an exotic spicy note, it is like a super-charged Pauillac. Svelte, but grippy tannins and classy French oak underpin rich black olive fruit. This structure, combined with a refreshing dart of acidity, means it will keep extremely well.

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  • Region & country
    Puente Alto, Valle del Maipó, Región del Valle Central, Chile
  • Maturity
    Mature 2012 - 2020
  • Colour
  • Style
  • Unit Volume
    Bottle (75cl.)
2009 Almaviva, Rothschild/Concha y Toro, Puente Alto

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