Tommaso Bussola

Tommaso’s now rightly considered one of the Veneto’s finest winemakers, lauded by legendary producers like Giuseppe Quintarelli.

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More About Tommaso Bussola

Tommaso Bussola started at the family estate, owned by his uncle Giuseppe, in 1977, and immediately set out to improve quality on this prime property.

He started selecting the grapes individually for the Amarone, and then built a winery in 1993. At the same time he began using smaller oak barriques, as the French do in Bordeaux and Burgundy, to age the wines. This wood contact gives the wines a smoothness and richness that impressed us with one whiff. He christened this new breed of wines, the pinnacle of his production, ‘TB.’

One of the great fine wines of the world, Amarone is known for its smooth, rich, raisiny flavours. Only the masters are able to integrate the naturally high alcohol levels such that you barely notice them. And Tommaso is one such master, making some of the most balanced wines we know, from the Valpolicella to his benchmark Amarone.