Pietro Caciorgna

"Just 4,000 bottles of this fantastic wine are produced by Pietro each year."

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Pietro Caciorgna

The wines from Etna have been gaining serious plaudits in recent years, as people liken these reds grown on black volcanic soils to Pinot Noir from Burgundy’s revered Côte d’Or. And Ciarìa, made by Pietro Caciorgna, a producer now making wine in Sicily alongside his Tuscan estate, is a wine that fits the bill.

Making wine this far south in Europe means that something special is needed to keep the acidity to balance the depth of flavour. Fortunately here the vines are planted at a height of 750 metres, higher than Yorkshire’s three peaks. And they face northwards, meaning they receive plenty of sunlight but without the punishing heat so typical of this latitude.

The volcanic soils meant that the Phylloxera louse that decimated Europe’s vineyards in the late 19th and early 20th centuries never made it up here: these are 70 to 100 year old vines planted on their own rootstocks, making it a practically unique proposition in Europe.

And that helps give the wine complexity and intensity of flavour. But it reduces the yields, meaning that just 4,000 bottles of this fantastic wine are produced by Pietro.