Guido Porro

"These wines fly under the radar. They’re Barolos for those in the know."

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More about Guido Porro

Guido Porro’s tiny winery has been passed from father to son for four generations. But it was only in the 1980s that they started bottling their own Barolos, rather than selling the grapes on to the local cooperative.

But when Guido took over the estate in 1996 from his dad Giovanni, he immediately started bottling the wines from his different vineyards separately.

These wines fly under the radar. They’re Barolos for those in the know. But they’re perfect for anyone who loves traditional Barolo. Because Guido isn’t beholden to trends or fads. He lets his wines take their own shape as top Barolo has done for years. He uses large oak barrels simply as a vessel, rather than to impart flavour, and lets his wines age as long as they need. There’s nothing rushed here.

He only makes around 15,000 bottles from his 4.5 hectares of Barolo. For those lucky enough to get hold of a bottle or two, they’re treated to a display of classic, intense, ageworthy Barolo. And the longer they stay under the radar, the longer you stand a chance of trying these delicious wines.