Elio Grasso

The story of Elio Grasso begins not in the winery, but in the city of Turin, where Elio Grasso was working at a bank when his winemaking grandfather died. From that moment, he returned to his roots – since 1978 working in his eponymous winery on just 18 acres of hills surrounding Monforte d’Alba.

Elio Grasso

Producing some of Piedmont’s most respected wines.

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More about Elio Grasso

Elio Grasso is one of Piedmont’s most famous names.

The estate is a real family affair. The baton was passed seamlessly from dad Elio to son Gianluca a few years ago, but the elder Grasso continues to have an active input in the estate (and always tastes with us when we visit). Even their stunning cellar was designed by Elio’s architect brother.

They craft some of the most expressive Nebbiolos we know, from the best tiny vineyard plots in the commune of Monforte d’Alba. But they’re not all about one grape variety. They also work with the lesser known local Barbera grape, crafting one of the best examples out there, the Vigna Martina, named after Gianluca’s daughter.

But these wines are so highly sought after throughout the world, there’s not much to go around. They’re always one of the very first from our range to sell out.