Domenico Clerico

He’s a winemaker in a league of his own.

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More about Elvio Cogno

The man who gives this sought-after estate its name sadly passed away in June 2016, but Elvio Cogno’s daughter Nadia and son-in-law Valter Fissore are continuing his work with real style.

They’ve been working at the estate ever since Elvio founded it in 1991, so they know it better than anyone. They own a range of vineyards in the Ravera cru, the best spot in Novello, the commune where you’ll find the estate. Walking across the hillside, you’ll know their vineyards because they’ve got the healthiest vines.

Valter keeps it simple, believing great wine can only be made with perfect grapes, and is fastidious in caring for them.

And it’s not just Nebbiolo that soars with such care in the vineyards. Valter’s Barberas rival all those in the land. His pre-Phylloxera example, from vines of over 100 years old (pre-dating the period when the vine louse Phylloxera devastated most vines across all of Europe), elevates the Barbera grape to a whole new level.