Domaine Jean-Paul & Benoît Droin

Jean-Paul et Benoît Droin is one of the oldest domaines in Chablis, dating back to at least the 1600s. Benoît Drion is the talented winemaker at the helm, and his consistently excellent whites are gaining greater recognition with each vintage. It was his father who put the estate on the quality map, a reputation that Benoît is more than continuing.

There are 26 hectares of vineyards spread across the region, and split across five Grand Cru vineyard sites, nine Premier Cru sites plus Chablis and Petit-Chablis vineyards. Their impressive portfolio includes the revered Grand Cru Les Clos vineyard. The majority of their vines grow on the important Kimmeridgian limestone soils; quality starts here and continues into the winery. Judicious use of oak barrels and a commitment to extracting the crisp minerality which Chardonnay does so brilliantly in each bottle is a testament to Benoît’s skill as a wine grower and a winemaker.

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