Domaine de la Noblaie

Jérôme Billard is a name to watch in Chinon, and his wines are some of the most impressive we’ve tasted recently. Although his domaine has a long history (it may once have been the property of the Knights Templar), the vineyards were abandoned until Jérôme’s grandfather acquired them in 1952. It’s under Jérôme, who studied in Dijon and has worked for the Moueix family at both Pétrus and Dominus, that it’s come to prominence. He combines the best of traditional and modern techniques (including a remarkable 15th century fermentation vat) to produce Chinon that has pure fruit and good ageing potential.

Domaine de la Noblaie

“In his own words, Jérôme Billard looks for a style of chinon that is correct, ripe and not vegetal  but not too tannic. My own experience with the wines suggests this is achieved in spades.”

Chris Kissack, The Wine Doctor

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