Château Teyssier

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In the picturesque hills of Montagne-Saint-Émilion, sits Grand Cru vineyard and winery, Château Teyssier. The name ‘Montagne,’ French for ‘mountain,’ speaks to this region’s undulating terrain, which, coupled with soil rich in clay and limestone, is infamous for its full-bodied, robust, and rich wines. The Château dates to the 16th century but found new life in the hands of vintner’s Jonathan and Lyn Maltus in 1994. Their significant contributions to wine and winemaking, with the Château playing no small part in their success, led to Jonathan being awarded an OBE in 2016. The Bordeaux wine producer specialises in Merlots and Cabernet Francs. Using their modernised winery and new oak casks to showcase the unique terroir of the Saint-Émilion appellations and distinctive character of the red grape varieties grown there.