Château Rayas

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In the Châteauneuf du Pape appellation of the Rhône valley, Château Rayas stands in quiet contradiction and confidence. The château, with little in the way of marketing or pomposity, has become one of the most highly regarded in the region despite its divergence from the norm.  North-facing, surrounded by forest, with wet, sandy soil and missing the ‘galet roulés’ – the round rocks synonymous with the appellation - Rayas is a testament to the intimate understanding and mastery of the terrain held by the Reynaud family. Using traditional methods, (the winery didn’t even have electricity until the late 1980s!) low yields of grenache grapes are hand harvested, vinified, and aged in 80-100 -year-old foudres to produce exceptionally unique Château Rayas Blanc and Rayas Grenache blends.