Champagne Deutz

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Founded in 1838 by William Duetz and Pierre-Hubert Geldermann, Champagne Deutz resides in the breathtaking Aÿ region of Champagne. While the house had built a reputation for exceptional wines, financial strain took its toll by the end of the 19th century. Fortuitously, the house was given a new lease of life in 1983 when it was brought under the wing of producer, Louis Roederer. Fortuitous indeed because Champagne Deutz, under the leadership of then appointed CEO, Fabrice Rosset, maintained the spirit of the founding partners while transforming the champagne house through continued investment in both winemaking facilities and its people.  To this day, an excess of 300 acres of Grand Cru vineyards meticulously nurtured and cultivated, continue to produce wines of finesse, complexity, and elegance. Of note are their Blanc de Blancs and Classic Brut.