"Over 60 years on, they’re still one of the most sought-after producers in the region"

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More about Cavallotto

Unlike most Piedmont producers where the vineyards are spread over a large area away from the producer’s home and cellars, the Cavallotto family home is surrounded by their own vines.

This hillside vineyard is called Bricco Boschis. In the hands of the tight-knit Cavallotto family, with its range of exposures and perfectly tended vines, it produces some of the greatest Barolos out there.

Siblings Giuseppe, Laura and Alfio are now in charge here (they’re the fifth generation to take the reins), and they’ve never been tempted to turn their back on making classic, elegant, traditional styles of Barolo.

But while the wines are traditional expressions of Nebbiolo, the Cavallottos have always been trailblazers in other ways. They were some of the first to experiment with organic viticulture during the 1970s; neighbours thought they were mad. And they were one of the first estates in the whole of Barolo to bottle and sell their wines themselves, in 1948.