Olerasay 2º Straw Wine, Mullineux, Swartland

Olerasay 2º Straw Wine, Mullineux, Swartland

The wine that is perhaps receiving the most attention currently is the Olerasay No.2, awarded 100 points by Neal Martin. Every year since 2008, they’ve held back a barrel or two of their Straw Wine, made from the Chenin Blanc grapes that have the best acidity at harvest, from the Kasteelberg, and the Paardeberg. They refresh a solera each year with the new vintage, and this is the just the second time they’ve bottled a portion. It is spectacular.

Critic score
98/100 info
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Wine details

  • Region & country
    Swartland, Coastal Region, South Africa
  • Maturity
    Ready 2020 - 2045info
  • Colour
  • Sweetness
  • Style
  • Unit Volume
    Half (37.5cl.)
  • ABV

Tasting notes

I wanted to re-taste the NV Olersay again after a spectacular showing during the year when it was served blind. This is the same bottling as the previous one, since they have only drawn from the solera one time, although of course there will be more in the future when they feel that there is sufficient difference. If I am being truly honest, the aroma and flavor components are almost exactly the same as before, so you can refer to my previous note to ascertain those. However, what strikes me now is that sheer effortlessness that comes through on the wine, as if it is not straining hard to achieve this level of quality. It is not the most unctuous wine, the most powerful and ostentatious, yet that precision in the finish is bewitching and worthy of what I think to date might the highest score I have ever awarded to a South African wine.

Neal Martin, Wine Advocate, Issue #230 (April 2017)

The Non-Vintage Olerasay is a solera made from oxidized Mullineux Straw Wine between 2008 and 2014 - two barrels held back to top up each year and it will only be released in years when it is felt to be superior to the straw wine. It delivers 268 grams per liter of residual sugar. It has a captivating nose with Barsac-like barley sugar, honey and marmalade with very little signs of oxidation. The palate is smooth and utterly harmonious, extraordinarily pure with perfect acidity, abd sensual with honey, mandarin, peach and a touch of brown sugar on the long finish. It is the harmony here that grabs you - almost effortless. Stunning.

Neal Martin, Wine Advocate (November 2015)

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