N/V Collection 242, Louis Roederer (Base Vintage 2017) (Gift Packed)

N/V Collection 242, Louis Roederer (Base Vintage 2017) (Gift Packed)

Brut Premier is dead, long live Collection! An idea that started in 2002, deep in the Roederer cellars, has finally been realised by master winemaker Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon. He wanted to make a multi-vintage wine that captured the essence of the Roederer style, and differentiated the nuance of the vintages in the blend. In 2012 he started a perpetual reserve, with young vine fruit from the biodynamic parcels usually dedicated to the production of Cristal. Collection 242 is the inaugural release of this idea. 56% of the blend comes from the 2017 harvest, 10% from reserve wines (spanning 2009 to 2016), and 34% from the perpetual reserve. The house dates back to 1776, and the name pays homage to the 242nd harvest since then. It is fresh and incisive, with the chalkiness and salinity you might find in young Cristal. Its arrival marks the end of the line of the Brut Premier cuvée. It’s only a small step up in price, but from tasting it multiple times we are convinced it is a huge leap up in quality and style.

Case, 3 Magnums
In stock
In stock

Wine details

  • Region & country
    Champagne, France
  • Grape
    42% Chardonnay
    36% Pinot Noir
    22% Pinot Meunier
  • Maturity
    Young 2023 - 2030info
  • Colour
  • Sweetness
  • Style
  • Unit Volume
    Magnum (150cl.)
  • ABV

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