How it works

  1. Buy the Discovery Case for £100 (normally £136).
  2. Enjoy four delicious wines, ready to drink now.
  3. Discuss with your fine wine advisor what you like.
  4. Discover the best fine wines, every other month.

A better way to enjoy fine wine

Delivery included
Delivery is included with every case. And if you’d like to add more to your order, you can: for free.
Personal wine advisor
Your advisor will help you discover wines you love.
Members love it
"Excellent wines and top class service. My wine advisor Tarka is incredibly helpful." — Mr Mitchell, member.
Best subscription club in the UK
Voted "Best Subscription Club" by Decanter, and called "one I love" by wine critic Victoria Moore.

Exclusive invitation

Limited availability

The best way to try fine wine

Wine doesn't need to be expensive to be world class and this bottle is proof. Drink it and join our Fine Wine Discovery Club, and we'll find you more gems like it

Was: £136.00
introductory offer -£36.00
You pay: £100.00

The best way to try fine wine

Wine doesn't need to be expensive to be world class and this bottle is proof. Drink it and join our Fine Wine Discovery Club, and we'll find you more gems like it

  • Discover hidden treasures - great value fine wine that you won't find elsewhere
  • Shipping always included to your home or place of work
  • Always a bottle at hand - we'll send you 6 unique bottles every other month for £100 a month
  • No tie ins - cancel any time at no extra charge
  • Tailored to your taste - we customize each case to your preferences

Curious to find out more about the Fine Wine Discovery Club? Click here to view our frequently asked questions.


  • I’ve just joined the club, what happens next?

    Thank you for joining a group of loyal wine enthusiasts who enjoy inside access to fine wine! Your wine advisor will be in touch to arrange delivery of the Fine Wine Discovery Collection, discuss your wine preferences and answer any questions you may have about the club.

  • Can I buy the Fine Wine Discovery Collection without joining the Club?

    There’s no commitment to stay a member, but when you buy the discovery collection you are indeed joining the club. We’d of course love for you to give us a few months to impress you (and your palate) - and hopefully longer!

  • When will I receive my case of wine?

    You’ll receive the discovery collection within seven days of confirming your delivery details with your advisor. Thereafter, you’ll receive six bottles of wine every other month, once you’ve had a chat with your advisor.

  • So is each wine worth £25 a bottle?

    We select wines which vary in price: you might find a good bottle of claret over £40 or a particularly good value Muscadet under £10. However, we’ll always make sure the total is more than your subscription.

  • How much is delivery?

    We include the cost of delivery in your Fine Wine Discovery Collection and in the bi-monthly cases thereafter. For additional orders, you can arrange to have them delivered with your bi-monthly case at no additional cost.

  • How long do I have to stay in the club?

    Many customers never leave! While there’s no minimum commitment, we do ask you to join with an open mind to trying new wines and to give us a few months to impress you. We’ll do our very best!

  • Can I pick the wines to go into my cases?

    The best part about the Fine Wine Discovery Club is that we make selecting wines dead easy: we put together a case, and have a quick chat to make sure you’ll be delighted with the wines. Most members take our selection because it’s the best way to discover new wines. From time to time, we may suggest something you’re sceptical about, but most often members decide to give it a try regardless. It’s our job to surprise and delight you, after all!

  • What if you send me something I don’t like?

    We can’t get it right every time! That bottle is on us. Let us know and we’ll send you a replacement with your next case. Of course, the same applies if you ever receive a faulty bottle.

  • Can I buy more of the ones I do like?

    Yes - provided we still have some! Fine wine is often produced in small quantities, so do let your advisor know immediately if you’d like more of a particular wine, and he or she will sort it straight away. If it’s no longer available, we’ll do our best to suggest a good alternative.

  • How long can I store these wines?

    The Fine Wine Discovery Club is designed to offer great wines that are ready to drink now yet have years in front of them should you wish to keep them. We will send you tasting notes, advised drinking windows and the individual bottle price of each wine.

  • Why does your website show two prices for the same wine?

    We show prices “in bond”, in which the duty and VAT have not yet been applied, and “duty/VAT paid.” There’s a “toggle” on each product page to switch between prices. All wines in the Fine Wine Discovery Club are sold duty/VAT paid.

  • What’s the difference between “in bond” and “duty/VAT paid”?

    Customers buy wine “in bond” when they wish to store the wines in a bonded warehouse, deferring the payment of duty and VAT until they wish to have the wines delivered. Customers who may wish to sell their wines on through our broking platform may also choose to do this.

    In order to take delivery of a wine, the duty and VAT must be paid first. All wines in the bi-monthly Fine Wine Discovery Club cases are sold duty/VAT paid.

    From time to time, we’ll feature wines for sale which are being sold “en primeur.” This means that the wine is not yet physically available.

  • I live in N Ireland/Isle of Man/Channel Islands: can I join?

    Unfortunately our delivery partners currently do not offer delivery in these areas.

  • Aren’t wine clubs just a way of getting rid of wines you can’t sell?

    Good question - and we’ve got a good answer! It’s quite the opposite. We’d be silly to do that, because we know that Fine Wine Discovery Club members who have a world class experience will go on to try other wines from us. So, our job is to find the best possible wines for the money.

    One way to think about it is this: our Fine Wine buyer doesn’t source wines he wouldn’t drink himself, on his own budget. It’s easy to buy fine wine at £100+ a bottle but our club brings you great wines at a fraction of that price.