2016 Germany

Rarely are grape and country so frequently mentioned in the same breath as Riesling and Germany. And, 2016 is proving to be an out-standing vintage for both.

Eva Fricke
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Rudolf Fürst
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Weingut Dönnhoff
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Weingut Joh. Jos. Prüm
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Weingut Leitz
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Weingut Markus Molitor
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2016 Germany - Vintage Report

An outstanding vintage for Germany’s Rieslings, showing balance, elegance, and crystalline purity.

By Robbie Toothill | Buyer
Feb 2018

Trying to get hold of Cornelius Donnhoff during July 2016 was an impossible task. He was spending every day, from dawn ‘til dusk, in his vineyards, trying to counteract the huge mildew pressure that had taken hold, following a late serious frost.

At this stage, producers questioned whether they would even produce a 2016 vintage. The idea of it being one of the greats seemed unthinkable.

Yet the miraculous happened, and in 2016 we have a vintage that ticks virtually every box.

That’s thanks to a near-perfect late summer and early autumn, which dried out vineyards (almost too much) and provided perfect ripeness. Late season rains refreshed the vines, and the harvest was completed under perfect skies.

I visited Germany in July 2017, and was blown away by the quality of the 2016s. It’s always tough following a great vintage (like 2015), but 2016 has done so with aplomb. The wines are elegant without lacking concentration: examples of all sweetness levels seem to dance across the palate.

This is a charming vintage. these are wines that will seduce you, and with low alcohols and beautiful freshness, you’ll find yourself reaching for the corkscrew as soon as you’ve finished the first bottle. So it’s a vintage to fill your cellar.

And we’ve got the wines to do just that.

I’m delighted to introduce a new, expanded Germany range, with Rieslings from seven different producers. This selection has wines for every occasion, for every palate, of every style. From the soft elegance of Willi Schaefer, to the crystalline purity of Eva Fricke, and the understated power of Markus Molitor. And that’s alongside long-loved Lay & Wheeler favourites, Donnhoff, Loosen, Leitz and the historic Schloss Johannisberg.

And there’s one more brilliant reason to buy the wines of Germany. For wines of this quality and ageworthiness, the prices are simply remarkable.

In short, if you’re already a fan of German Rieslings, you won’t want to miss out on the 2016 vintage. And if you’re yet to discover their delights, now’s the perfect time to start.


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