Buyer’s thoughts on Germany 2014

Not without its testing moments, 2014 has produced excellent dry wines from the top estates. Retaining the precision and focus that gave the 2013s their energy but with more fruit and generosity, these are set to age beautifully.

‘From our perspective as a grower, this was an excellent vintage’ Dr Ernie Loosen

‘Playful estate levels and distinctive Spätlesen to flawless Grosses Gewächs’ Cornelius Dönnhoff (also crowned winemaker of the year, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

A dry start to the growing season following a mild winter was a healthy start for Germany given some extreme weather in recent years. Thankfully everyone evaded the frost risk in spring, with the following summer rain being well received. So far so good…but rain at harvest was looking likely. Indeed, with the warm, wet weather in September, it was a somewhat tropical end to the season. They key to success was selection.

In the Mosel, Dr Loosen normally harvests over a 6-8 week period. In 2014, the rush was on to avoid the possible rot, and grapes were picked in the nick of time in just 4 weeks in October! Heavy selection took place in the Rheingau as well, this being a labour intensive but delightful result for the growers.

Clean, vibrant, fruit-driven wines define the vintage. This is a big year for Kabinett wines and Grosses Gewächs whilst the Spätlesen have gorgeous fruit. Unfortunately the Auslesen are rare, but where made they are typically delicious.

Published on 18/09/2015 / By Micah Dougall