Condition Reports

Peace of mind advising you on the physical condition of your wine. Our condition reports include full a photograph detailing the condition of cartons/cases, corks, fill-levels, capsules, and labels.

Sample Condition Report
✔ High Quality Digital Photos
✔ Just £9.95 per case
✔ Increases likelihood of sale
✔ Independently and professionally produced
✔ Produced within 7 days of request

Condition reports offer a precise indication of the physical condition of your wine. On request, we can produce one which includes high resolution photographs and details of the condition of cartons or cases, corks, fill levels, capsules and labels. Customers may choose to do so for peace of mind, or to provide to potential buyers should they wish to sell the wine. Our professionally-trained team is equipped to reseal cases in the event wines to be examined are in an original wood case.

Our reports are independently produced by at the fine wine storage company Vinothèque, operated by the bonded warehouse operator London City Bond (LCB). Their team has been specially trained to handle these types of wines.

We can deliver a condition report within seven working days of the request, though we aim to complete the reports even faster. The charge to do so is £9.95 per case.

Should I have a condition report when selling my wine?

When purchasing fine wine, it is of fundamental importance to ensure that the wines are of unquestionable provenance and quality. A condition report can be a helpful aid in doing so.

For example, a condition report can confirm that a particular case of wine is in its Original Wooden Case (typically abbreviated OWC), which may help to indicate a wine does indeed come from the chateau in question. The report will also detail whether the labels and capsules are in good condition, and that the evaporation rate is consistent with the vintage. Many customers request one before purchase, especially for older or higher value wines.

Does opening the case devalue the case?

Our professional team has the tools and training to take every precaution in opening cases as well as resealing them, and take every care to ensure there is no impact on the value of the case or the wines.