Selling your wine

Lay & Wheeler are one of the UK’s leading managers of customers' wine reserves and as such we offer one of the country’s leading wine trading services.

We have been selling wines on behalf of our customers for many years. Our proactive wine-trading team are fully attuned to market conditions, and ready to provide up-to-the-minute advice about the wines in your cellar.

If you would like further information about selling your wines, please contact us on 01473 313 333 or email [email protected], and we would be delighted to advise you.

It’s simply done online. Log on to your account and select the wine you’d like to sell. You’ll then see the recommended selling price and you can choose, within certain margins, whether you’d like to sell above or below that price. There’s a few more boxes to tick but once that’s done your wine is online and available for purchase.

The broking fee is currently 12.5% of the sale price.

In some instances the wines you have in your portfolio will not have a live market value and when this happens we will help you set a price with the assistance of the brokering team.

As a buyer the process is completely transparent with the in-bond prices being clearly shown and because the wines have been stored at our warehouse, Vinothèque you can be assured of the wine’s provenance.